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22 – 26 February 2016

Czech Republic, Pilsen

Staff meeting PROFINWBL the Czech Republic, Pilsen

The ERASMUS+ project staff meeting took place in Pilsen in the Czech Republic from 22nd February to 26th February 2016. This week was arranged by the secondary medical school and medical college SZŠ a VOŠZ Plzeň and the non-profit organization Ledovec, z.s. Topic of the meeting was recovery and empowerment in WBL.

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5 May 2017

Romunia, Arad

TV Arad – Belgian and Romanian student exchange

22 May 2017

Belgium, Turnhout 

Mentor training in Belgium

I (Lene, Vormingsentrum HIVSET) organised a mentor training in Belgium, using the guidelines and the extra parts about the mentorship. I also integrated the other toolkits: exercises to empower and the personal development plan. These were some reactions:

“I really liked the mentor training. It was really practical and we can immediately use the exercises and theory when we have to coach students.” (Ann, 34 years)

“I’m going to use the personal development plan (PDP) tomorrow. I think it’s so useful to set goals with students and talk concretely about their internship.” (Martha, 24 years)

“Top training! I especially liked the part about the different ways of leadership. This part was something I can use with student, new colleagues,… I also think that the way how I talk with people (listening, feedback) is much better after these four days” (Stephanie, 42 years)

“I thought I was too old to learn but the way this mentor training was build, was amazing. We’ve learned a lot by practising and talking with the others. The trainer was also really great!” (Maria, 58 years)

“The games we did were amazing! We learned a lot about ourselves by playing this games and we can use all the games during our coaching.” (Tom, 34 years)

“Nice training, nice tools, nice exercises. Great!” (Lara, 25 years)