The ERASMUS+ project staff meeting took place in Pilsen in the Czech Republic from 22nd February to 26th February 2016. This week was arranged by the secondary medical school and medical college SZŠ a VOŠZ Plzeň and the non-profit organization Ledovec, z.s.

Topic of the meeting was recovery and empowerment in WBL.

First day we started at medical school by introduction to the topic of recovery and empowerment and by planning activities through the week.

Tuesday was the day of the 1st Czech International Conference on Recovery where all the meeting participants took part. Head speaker Dr. Mark Ragins is an American psychiatrist, one of the pioneers of recovery worldwide. Together with other speakers and workshops this provided deeper understanding of recovery attitude and how it can be used in WBL.


Wednesday we were pleased to have Dr. Ragins with us for a workshop on implementing recovery principles in working culture of the institutions. In the afternoon study visits at six different places at clinics and schools were held.

Thursday was dedicated to self-experience of empowerment. With a great support of doctor clown Mr. Houdek we had a session and active workshop focused on social circus. This was finished by the circus performance for wide public (students of medical school, clients and workers of different institutions etc.)


Last day the meeting group met in medical school and college to listen to papers of students reflecting their experience with WBL at variety of school practical training centres. The whole week meeting was finished by evaluation and future activities planning session.

Pictures, recordings of the speeches at recovery conference and especially the tools based on topics referred during this week are proofs of the efficiency and effectivity of this staff training meeting.